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Blue Mist

A brand new addition to the Smoknic ICE COLLECTION of premium electronic cigarette e-liquids, the Blue Mist Premium Liquid delivers a unique combination of blueberries and mint.   Quality Control Our Flavours are personally select
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Raspberry Mint

The Smoknic Raspberry Mint Premium e-Liquid combines the sweet juicy flavours of raspberries with a cool breeze of mint, to deliver a light and fruity / menthol vaping experience. Quality Control Our Flavours are personally selected after
£3.99 £4.99

Strawberry Mint

The Smoknic Strawberry Mint Premium Liquid combines a bold blend of sweet strawberries and crisp mint to create a delicious e-liquid that tastes as good as it smells. These great flavours complement each other as the Menthol cuts some sweetness ou
£3.99 £4.99


The classic taste of Smoknic spearmint is one which many have enjoyed in chewing gums and mints. Our spearmint e liquid captures the fabulously strong minty fresh taste with subtle menthol aromas.   Quality Control Our Flavours ar
£3.99 £4.99

Lime & Lemon

 A burst of citrus to get your taste buds tingling. This zingy combination of fresh lime and lemon is blended to perfection. Quality Control Our Flavours are personally selected after passing the most rigorous evaluation process. Ensu
£3.99 £4.99
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Black Jack

Strong, flavourful and reminiscent of those Aniseed Balls we all enjoyed as children, the Smoknic Black Jack Aniseed Premium e-Liquid delivers an i
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The Smoknic signature tobacco flavour has an authentic taste and satisfying aroma making this our most popular e-liquid.  Quality Control
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The Smoknic Menthol flavour remains a firm customer favourite, this premium e-Liquid gives a light and refreshing vape with smooth menthol flavours
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COLA ICE is our liquid of the month
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