Bam Bam's E-Liquids

  1. Bam Bam's Original Cannoli
    Bam Bam's Original Cannoli blend of Pastry, Cream, Cinnamon, Cereal, Fruit and Whipped Cream. All three tasty ingredients are perfectly balanced to make a sweet cereal dessert you’d never expect. Learn More
  2. Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli
    Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli Creamy cannoli with one of the most recognisable crunchy cereals in the world. Meld two amazing treats into one phenomenal vape that features such an intoxicating scent it jumps out at you the moment you take the seal off a bottle. Learn More
  3. Bam Bam's Cannoli Strawberry
    Bam Bam's Cannoli Strawberry An infusion of fresh strawberries into a cream base wrapped around in a dough nest that forms the body of the cannoli. Take your vaping to level next. Learn More